Ten steps to
recruitment success,
the Headford way.

Our underlying ethos is to take the hassle out of recruitment: We take the job assignment – provide you with the best CV’s in the market and manage the complete candidate management process.

  • ONE We take a detailed job specification – either from client meeting or phone call, (alternatively the hiring manager can simply forward over the job details) along with hiring manager contact details.
  • TWO From this point on Headford RPO will ensure that in the first 24 hours of receiving assignment the role is advertised under 
a company branded page on www.forwardingjobs.com
  • THREE That the job and full details of requirements are forwarded directly to each recruitment companies General Managers – to be assigned to the relevant recruitment consultants. The role will be advertised on multiple job sites including Totaljobs and Reed Premium – plus each agencies own vacancy page.
  • FOUR Marketing emails are sent out to notify all relevant suitable candidates across the Group Companies CRM’s – ensuring maximum exposure in shortest time.
  • FIVE From this point on the recruitment consultants will be deploying a variety of resourcing techniques as mentioned above including but not exclusive Traditional and Executive Search.
  • SIX Part of the standard operating procedure that we employ with our recruitment agencies is that all applicants must be telephoned interviewed prior to CV’s being sent. CV’s, along with detailed notes of the telephone interview conducted, are sent direct to Headford RPO for initial review and filtering.
  • SEVEN At this stage any further questions / details will be requested (as required against the job brief). We operate strictly on a first sent – first ownership status. Thus removing any candidate duplication / representation issue before finally submitting to you.
  • EIGHT Once CV’s have been reviewed by the hiring manager – we then provide feedback, interview requests and arrange accordingly. We feel this greatly speeds up the process when compared to using an existing PSL – having to contact multiple agencies and liaising a variety of times. 
We take care of this for you. Being able 
to dedicate existing recruitment resources – for your company to focus on interview and selection – improving both time to fill and quality hire.
  • NINE At the end of the interview process – we provide all relevant feedback and manage the offer accordingly.
  • TEN Once a placement is made – we monitor the placement throughout the probabtion period.